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Why is diversity in the workplace so important for us Millennials?

Diversity in the workplace place is an important factor for me when I consider joining a new organization.

“It tells me many things about the employer and its vision”.

With globalisation, diversity in the workplace cannot be left behind. It shows the support for equality in opportunities, strive for innovation and tells me how the brand sees the future international development. During my international work experience, I had the opportunity to work in diverse teams, and I am truly happy I could learn so much from talented individuals from all around the world. Here are the main factors of diversity making my experience as an employee significantly better.

Different perspective

Working with people from different backgrounds gives me an opportunity to learn more not only about other cultures, but about different styles and approaches to work.

Such an exchange of differences helped me to evaluate and improve the way I work and increased my productivity. Also, I learned to evaluate challenges from different angles. As my team members had experience in other industries, I could always get advice on situations I had not faced before.

Working with the best talent

I always pay special attention if an employer embraces diversity in the workplace. I truly enjoy working in diverse teams, because I am surrounded by extremely qualified and knowledgeable individuals with different experiences and expertise, who inspire me to learn something new every day and challenge me to perform better. It could widely range from a tip on how to handle a difficult client in a particular situation, to a “call for attention” on a cultural specialty I was not aware about that can benefit the whole client experience. Such learning opportunities within the team itself enhanced my experience as an employee.

Stimulates innovation

Innovation in diverse teams is another factor for me that is linked with learning. The differences in our experiences stimulate vibrant discussions that create new solutions, which would not have happened if we were looking at the problem from the same viewpoint.

Reduces employee turnover

When I go to work I want to feel accepted, included, and appreciated for the skills and qualities that I bring to the team and the organization. In diverse teams, we embrace the differences of each other and celebrate them. I find it hard to perform to my fullest when I do not feel the support and excitement of learning something new.

Increases employee engagement

Our differences help us better understand our client needs, and as a team with diverse backgrounds and expertise, we consider different markets and what matters to them, which drives us towards the achievement of the goals, increasing awareness, productivity, and revenue.

Global company reputation

Diversification of the workplace has a positive impact on the reputation, attracting more international clients, talents, and investors. Working with international clients is another distinctive factor that requires a diverse team to make it a success. When I consider a role, I make sure the that the team that I am joining includes various individuals with different backgrounds, as I want to be a part of organization that celebrates individuality and inclusion.

Moreover, working in international teams helped me to learn more about myself on a personal level. I learned new cultural dimensions and the dynamics at play in different cultures; it has taught me tolerance and appreciation. At the same time, by learning from diverse backgrounds I discovered new passions and interests that I have never considered before. For instance, I became interested in Latin-American culture, as I have met fantastic individuals from South America, who held the most positive attitude towards difficulties I have ever seen. It inspired and motivated me to keep going despite the obstacles, perseverance and not losing focus of the target. I cannot wait to go on the trip to South America, meet new people and dive into its different subcultures even more.

I believe that diversity benefits all and makes that company a better place to work, learn and develop. Employers should eliminate cultural biases when looking for the best candidates for the role and focus on seeking for the expertise, and the skills that will contribute to the team on the road to success.

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