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"Explore your real global capacity & effectiveness"

We offer you a snapshot at your organisational structures and resources to work in a global environment and take action. Our goal? See opportunities that you may have not seen before and help you create new global potential and capacity. We look at your company's culture, your people strategy and your supporting systems and processes. Then we share the Best World Practices and help you prepare a plan to get your Global Capacity Right!



"Global talent develops in Global Organisations"

Embedding a Global Mindset, Structure and Processes into your business DNA is the only way to eliminate the structural barriers to your global success.


Do you want to know if your employees and structures are resilient to your business changes and growth? Contact us today for a consultation!




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"Developing the type of Leaders

your organisation needs"

The most successful companies are customer-oriented. We pride ourselves in knowing our clients in order to understand their needs.

Let's discuss who you are, what are your values & goals and then, explore what type of leadership will bring out the best results.

Our Leadership programs include tailor-made training & personalised coaching sessions, to address your specific interests.

Global Leadership



At HR Lands, we offer four different International HR Certifications from HRCI. Whether you are new to Human Resources or an established HR Professional, there is a course for you! 

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Have something specific in mind? 

If you would like a workshop about a specific topic or skill within the field of HR and Organisational Design, contact us and we can discuss your options!

Stay tuned for our new workshops  and don't miss out the chance to stay abreast!



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"Global talent develops in Global Organisations"

Your organisation is only ready when your mind is ready.

Global Readiness is more than mastering communication and being able to collaborate. We help you to master yourself, identify your own biases and develop the skills that will allow you to identify cultural nuances and adapt your communication style in order to connect with diverse people or communities. Shift your 'us' vs 'them' mindset and create collaboration.