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"A common language to define success"

We assist you in creating a Competency Framework that will serve you as guide to drive  your organisation's mission, clarify job expectations & define your success criteria.

Our goal?
Provide you with a common language that will help you to integrate all your people management processes. 

The process

  • Engage key leadership to define the objectives of the Competency Framework

  • Define format, scope and structure

  • Involve all stakeholders to gather competency data

  • Develop your Competency Framework

  • Integrate the Competency Framework in all applicable processes

  • Coach client in the integration of the Competency Framework

Our approach

HR Lands does not provide off-the-shelf and ready-to-plug services. We pride ourselves not only in identifying your specific needs, but also in building up on your strengths, and consolidating that advantage, to achieve future success.

Are you ready to develop a Competency Framework?
We are here to help you
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