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GLOBAL hr audit


"If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance"

- Paul McNulty

We offer you a snapshot at your organisational structures , your resources, your company's culture, your people strategy, your supporting systems and your processes. Then we share the Best World Practices and help you prepare a plan to get an effective & successful organisation.

Our goal?
See opportunities that you may have not seen before, increase your productivity, help you reduce costs due to ineffectiveness, manage risk and liabilities, improve employee safety & employee engagement. 

The process

  • Measure and assess current employment practices

  • Compare current employment practice against legal requirements and internal policies

  • Identify and recommend areas for change

  • Implement legally compliant and effective HR practices

  • Re-evaluate practices and provide consistent HR support

  • Set & adjust new HR practices 

Our approach

HR Lands does not provide off-the-shelf and ready-to-plug services. We pride ourselves not only in identifying your specific needs, but also in building up on your strengths, and consolidating that advantage, to achieve future success.

Are you ready to assess your HR practices?
We are here to help you
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