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  • How can I be sure of which certification is right for me?
    Although eligibility requirements are based on your education, responsibilities and professional experience, is ultimately up to your objectives and expectations to determine which certification serves you best. We advise you to contact us to give you more insight about the certification you have selected, to match your expectations and to verify that you fulfil the training and experience requirements to apply for it.
  • What documentation do I need?
    To ensure that you fulfil all the certification requiremnts, you will need to provide supporting documentation. All supporting documents should be submitted at the same time, within 7 days of the purchase of the training package. Supporting documents include: - Official job description on company letterhead for each job accounted for the certification application. - Copy of your degree or diploma or official transcript, if applicable.
  • What is the tutor useful for?
    The assigned tutor is key to your certification process. After the completion of the assessment test, the tutor will design with you a training plan considering your availability, and will provide personal feedback every week about your evolution. In addition, the tutor is available to answer any of your questions about the contents and processes related to HRCI ® certifications.
  • Are there real face-to-face classrooms?
    No. The Certification Preparation training program is entirely on-line. However, HR Lands may prepare short face-to-face seminars on related trending topics, with guest speakers, to which you can enrol. These seminars are not part of the Certification Program and therefore will be billed separately.
  • What are the Virtual Classrooms?
    Virtual classrooms are live sessions you can attend to put your knowledge into practice. These virtual classrooms work like face-to-face webinars where you can interact with your tutor and other students in a dynamic environment, sharing information and opinions. All you need to participate in our Virtual Classrooms is a computer with integrated audio (and webcam if you want to)
  • Are there certain times to attend the course?
    Although the virtual group course will have a starting and end date to effectively manage the interaction with students and weekly virtual classrooms, the training program is designed to be fully online and self-paced. Which means that can you log when you want from where you want, and all the course content will be available to you. The group courses will have a dedicated date and time, and an average duration of 12-13 weeks, after which, you will still have access to the resources up to a maximum of 12 months.
  • How long do I have to complete the training?
    This is really up to you and your availability... The training program includes a maximum period of 12 months. The majority of participants are prepared for the tests within 4-6 months, however, for those cases where participants have less study hours available, the tutor can adjust the training plan to reach the maximum term of 12 months. For corporate training programs, the preparation course can be compiled in modules that can be adjusted to particular business schedules and workload requirements
  • How do I get the study material?
    Depending on the program package that you purchase, you will have “on-line” materials, for which you will receive an access code to the Learning Portal; or “printed” materials, which will be sent to you on the address provided*. *Please note that there are certain regions where printed materials are not available.
  • When can I take the HRCI ® exam?
    After you have completed the training course your tutor will discuss your progress with you and will make a recommendation for you to consider. HRCI ® exams are carried out every day from Monday to Thursday, always in PearsonVUE approved centres, an organization that serves as an independent examining centre and has examination centres all over the world. Find your nearest PearsonVUE centre Click here for a demo on the testing environment.
  • When are the exam results known?
    The results obtained in the certification exam will be provided in the examination centre at the end of the test. Between 24 and 48 hours later, the detailed results can be accessed through
  • How do employers know that I have a legitimate certification?
    Professionals with HRCI@ 's credentials obtain a digital badge that can be shared in the signature of emails and on various social networking platforms such as LinkedIn. To learn more about digital badges visit
  • What is the relationship between TOP employers and HRCI ®?
    A mutual interest in enhancing Best Practices in the workplace. For several years there has been a global agreement between HRCI ® and TOP employers that has allowed, among other achievements, to quantitatively define the impact HRCI certifications have on companies. Download Emerging Evidence _ Business Performance and the validation of HR Best practices.
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